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..I had a bad hair today... I hate this day because it doesn't worked perfectly the way i wanted. I got frustrated on teaching myselfto play guitar. Yeahh! right.. I know what you're thinking, that I've been such a loser for giving up easily. It's really hard than the way I expected though, i just only started three days ago. I decided to play speak now by Taylor Swift because i'm an avid fan of her. Still stucked at the chorus part and worst having a trouble with the strumming thingy.. Besides, my finger tips really hurts and swollen like it almost bleed..lol

Why just i can't finish it?or I'm just being paranoid?

I want to play guitar yet it's more than that! I need an inspiration or encouragement for me to play. I want my summer to be unforgettable and a worthwhile one. I still have more or less than a month to practice because for sure. I would probably don't have much time for it during school days.

I must push through it and be patient enough obviously, that's the thing i'm lacking of.. Perseverance and effort is also a key to success here.The thing here is action speak louder than words. Even if i say it many times that i would practice to play guitar till i die but i didn't put it in action,still it won't work because its pointless and useless anyway

Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Summer!!!

Woohoo... It's summer and i got a feeling that it's a lot of fun. Time to relax and unwind after a stressful months of school stuff. I'd have a lot of time to sleep, watch movies, and a lot of to practice in playing guitar which is so cool!No more worries and cramming over school paper's deadline.. A time for me to spend time with my family. the bad news isthere's a mere chance of updating my journal unless, my parents give me money to buy a load for me to have internet connection.I hope you understand if sometime, I might post three to four journal in a day. I'll try to keep updated as well as to post updates of my all abouts. Moreover, i will still continue to wrote down all the things going on to my life on my phone....



Dean's list

Good news, Finally, after three terms i make it to dean's list. Thank you God for everything, i feel so blessed. All my hard works paid off. I hope that this will not be the first and the last time. I promise that i will strive hard more for continue succes and to graduate with flying colors..



 Supposedly, we win this thing by landing as a third placer but then we ended up us fourth runner up because of   a 1 point deduction      (what a life). Yet, I really enjoyed it because i got along with my friends..... (Those fond memeories with them  is way much better than winning thing)

Identify your district!!!

Random thoughts

My mind is pretty preoccupied of so many things today........  I hope  i got a passing score on our test in NStp,,, then planning to download all our lectures in filip class......Daydreaming about f Josh Hutcherson(Peet Mellark in Hunger Games) as my ever endearing boyfriend....:) i think i'm in love with him...hahah... somehow boys in books are so much better than the boys in reality.

I must study hard for my upcoming finals exam in Filip, InSocio and history which is kinda hard.....:))------
What experience has changed you for the better (or worse)?
When  i stopped going to school. Due to financial i was not able to go in college but things went perfectly. I realized so many things in that experienced. I got to know more God and my family bond became stronger than before.God has it's purpose for everything; I am now a student scholar in a prestigious school!:)

Writer's Block: Plenty of Fish?

How many relationships have you been in?
Proud to say that I've never been in a relationship. Anyways, I'm waiting for the right time with a right man. :)



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